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All American Stainless Steel Roller Tips

Wax Tip Patterns
The wax patterns for the tips are gated into a wax tree

Making the Molds
The wax tree is dipped & dryed multiple times to create tip molds

Heat Removes Wax
Heat is then applied to remove the wax - leaving the tip molds

Molten Stainless Steel Pour
The tree is heated to 1850° & titanium at XXXX° poured in

Separating the Tips
The tips are cut off the tree

Hand Grinding
Each Tip is then hand processed

Raw Tips
The finished Raw Tip

Final Machining
Each tip is then drilled, center-less ground and machined to final specs

Multiple Tumblings
The Tips are tumbled several times during the processing

Assembled Tips
Final Tips (Stainless Steel and Titanium Tips shown)

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