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Titanium Guides


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  • ALL TITANIUM - Frames, Rollers and Tips

  • Made of Pure Titanium for Extra Strength, Flexibility, and Durability

  • Guides Plus Tip Weigh a Mere 1.44 oz Per Set - Enhancing Your Rod Performance!
All American Roller Guides is pleased to announce the release of our newest addition to our product line of the highest quality roller guides available!

For Off Shore Rods 20 to 80 lb test, Stand Up Rods to 130 lb test. Titanium frames made of commercial pure titanium offer extra strength, are non corrosive, and flexible. Our rolled frame openings offer a large knot clearance and prevent the line from traveling between the frame and the roller as well as protecting the line from frame edges.

Titanium roller tips are made of a one piece cast and machined to sizes 10, 12, 14, and 16. Titanium rollers are machined with a deep V to accept all Dacron and wire lines. One set plus tip weigh a mere 1.44 oz per set enhancing your rod performance!

Sold in sets only, offered only in natural titanium - no coating necessary.

Standard set consists of:
(1) AA5 Titanium stripper (2) AA4 Titanium (2) AA3 Titanium & (1) AA Titanium Tip (Additional AA3T & AA4T available to purchase for longer rods.

LIMITED Annual production run - 25 sets

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